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1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard
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Alembic Spoiler Bass ('83) SOLD

Alembic Spoiler Bass
Serial #83 S2829 USA (1983) SOLD

The 1983 Alembic Spoiler Bass comes in an "UglyBassPlayer" Premium heavily padded Gig-bag. Played but not abused.  Some dings at the upper and lower bout edges and couple of edge dings on headstock.  Three piece laminate Neck through body with Mahogany Body wings and either Koa or Bocate (Mexican Rosewood) cap.  Ebony fingerboard and Mother of pearl oal inlays with brass adjustable nut, bridge and tailpiece. Alembics are known for quality of design and construction and verisitility of tone options.

My Observations

Neck Width:  @ Nut = 1- 23/32”      @ Heel = 2- 3/16” (20th fret)

Finish:  I would say it appears more polished uniformly than a “satin” finish would tend to age, so I believe it has a glossy look certainly on neck along edges and top.  The back center appears a little less “glossy”. It might well be that it was a “hand rubbed” vs buffed finish or a satin finish that has been buffed over time.  You’d have to check the spec on this guitar with Alembic to see what the options were, but the guitar does glimmer and angles views have a crisp light reflection which is more consistent with a gloss finish.  I have not polished it, but imagine it would shine even more with a little elbow grease.

Dings and dents:  There are dings and finish marks on the upper and lower bouts, head stock and a light scratch in middle back. (See Photos Album)  To look at the bass in general, it appears in great shape, but it clearly has several dings from 20+ years of life after the factory.

Frets:  The frets have some wear particularly 2nd, 3rd & 4th, but I don’t notice them to be effecting play.  No buzzing or anything like that.  The nut is adjustable as well. (Not the expert here)

As for the truss rod and neck.  This guitar does look good from my eye, BUT I am no luthier or dealer.  Straight with slight bit of relief.  It does have a double truss rod system and I am not comfortable making this adjustment.  I personally would not rely on my observation in this regard. 

Misc.:  Note picture of nut.  There appears to be a little mar in the wood at the nut and the bottom brass plate of the adjustable nut has a bit of a “bump” at this spot. I have never seen one of these nuts before, so not sure if this is anything, but it appears someone might have stuck a screwdriver in there and lifted for some reason.  Does not appear to have any impact on the functionality of the bass.

One brass screw missing from back electronics plate.

Controls/Electronics:  This bass appears to have the following functions
  • Volume Knob:  Works
  • Tone Know: Works
  • 2 position toggle>  Not sure what it’s doing, but there is a different sound in each position.  Might be coil tap.
  • 4 Position rotary switch.  Appears to be:  MUTE – Neck – Neck and Bridge – Bridge
No electronic dead spots noted.

Disclaimer: These are my friends guitars from his collection which he decided to liquidate and I’m helping him with the web, etc.  I am not a dealer or luthier, but  I am not ignorant either.  I personally own and have owned many top brand and quality guitars and have experienced good ones and bad ones.   I think you can appreciate I am attempting to represent what I see, so you have no surprises when this guitar is in your hands.

High Resolution Photo Album (Downloadable PDF 5.1Mb)

For more, please contact me.

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