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Nothing beats well honed chops.  Real tone of a guitar player is found in the fingers and the soul. But while you're improving your skills as a guitar player, whether you prefer Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Country, Alternative or Metal the combination of the right guitar and amp is the at the top of the list of key ingedients for brewing up the ultimate tone.

This section is about the AMP.  There are many schools of thought on what makes up the ideal tone.  Certainly subjective, with all the material published on the topic, it is easier every day to understand what helps to shape the tone that comes from various amps.  Whether coming out of the factories of Fender, Marshall, Roland, Vox or from the garage of a boutique amp builders like Chicago Blues Box, Bad Cat or Dr. Z, the secret of setting the right expectations and to targeting your search is in understanding your style and tonal preferences.  This can best be done by citing examples of recorded artisits who's tone you enjoy or are trying to emmulate either in general or in particular songs.

There are many amp simulators available, both analog like Tech 21 SansAmp, digital like Line 6 and all the pedal makers.  But if you are looking for the traditional tone only achievable buy plugging in and experiencing the movement of air from the right speaker combination, an amp can't be beat!

Here I will share some of my personal experiences with amps and occasionally some thoughts from others on the topic.

Keep practicing!
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