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Guitar Related "Rags"

Since I was a young guitar player in the 1970's, it was always a treat to get a current copy of Guitar Player Magazine, a staple for Guitar Players for over three decades.  These days, however, there are several Guitar related magazines that are not readily accessible from the local newstand.

If you are into an occasional read about Musicians, Music releases, Guitars and related gear in the quest for the ultimate tone and experience, you might want to consider these periodicals.

   Vintage Guitar Magazine  One of my favorites to wait for each month.  This tabloid size, glossy covered, partial color monthly is the most well rounded publication and resource for Vintage Guitar Gear and Interviews for Guitar Musicians.  On a recent trip back from Vegas, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Vince Gill on his way home from the Country Music Awards. (Why he was flying coach, I could not ask).  He was thrilled to take a look at my copy when I was through as he had not yet read his yet.  Too bad it was in the following month's issue in which Fender ran a 60th Anniversary add featuring guess who,  Vince Gill!    These guys also publish the Vintage Guitar Price Guide;  one of the most realistic Price Guides available and at a reasonable annual price.

   20th Century Guitar - (UNFORTUNATELY TC GUITAR WENT OUT OF BUSINESS LAST WINTER 2008.) Another favorite. GREAT monthly with stories, interviews, gear reviews Vintage, new and boutique guitars, gear manufacturers, advertisers and great resource for new guitar oriented music releases and lesser known acts and labels.  Includes The Vintage Guitar Buyer's Guide.  20th Century also produce the "Classic Amercian Guitar Show" on Long Island NY every May.  One of the best Guitar Shows in the country with the incredible Jazz Courtyard.  Not unusual to run into George Benson, George Gruhn (Gruhn Guitars Nashville TN), Steve Howe, Andy Summer, G E Smith and more.  

   Guitar Aficionato- This quarterly high quality publication is great eye candy, fund high level stories and a nice compliment of other high society flavor like cars, motorcycles, fashion, travel.  Kind of a Robb Report for guitar playing jet setters.   Fun magazine to grab every once in a while.  Terrific photography.  I found my first issue when I was visiting Rudy's Music SOHO in NYC.  Just like Rudy's soho store, all high end glam. 

   The ToneQuest Report - This monthly Newsletter is simple, no advertising, just to the point discussion on tone.  In-depth product reviews and tone discussions, and interviews with industry players, equipment manufacturers, innovators.  Their tag line, "The Player's Guide to the Ultimate Tone" really sums it up.  Check out their impressive Advisory Board.

   GuitarPlayer Magazine - Tradtionally the place to get the latest news on Guitar Slinging artists who have an active PR effort going for a new record, concert tour, etc.  Lots of new gear reviews and great for manufacturers Advertisements on new gear.  If you're not familiar with the cycling in GuitarPlayer, they generally rotate musical genre each month.  No month is exclusive to a musical genre, but you might get a classic rock thing one month, maybe a jazz, Blues or country cat the next and then there is always a bit of metal;  I'm not big on those issues, but its always worthy of a thumb through anyway.  Great webiste too.

   Acoustic Guitar Magazine  If your into Acoustic Guitars and the music they create, this magazine does an admirable job.  Great resource for boutique luthiers across the country and many reviews if your in the buying mode.

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