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Kingston 30 - Chicago Blues Box

You've got to love a PURPLE amp! 

Color aside (but clearly a bonus),  this amp is all creamy, punchy, tone.  At 30 watts there is plenty of headroom to keep it clean well past midnight, yet comes with effective Boost to drive a little earlier at reasonable volume levels.

All tube, all hand wired, point-to-point circuitry, the guys at Chicago Blues Box have built a better mouse trap. Dan Butler of Butler Custom Design was chosen by Buddy Guy to create his Chicago Blues Box '59 Bassman reproduction model.  This guys has got it down and my gut is telling me the days for buying these amps new are numbered.  GET THIS ONE with less than 12 hours play on it.  I bought it in December 2005 from Juniors Music in Clinton CT and have not put as much as a ding in this baby.  Call me for adoption process.

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From the Manufacturer:

Built in an an 18- watt and 30 watt, these amps are tone monster with reverb.  From bedroom volume to all-out power amp crunch, these amps are everything our customers have asked for -- and more.

The Kingston model is a 1x12 combo, all hand-wired, class A/B tube amplifier.  Consistent to our simple-is- better approach to amp building, the Kingston features Tone Tubby Speakers, Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Harmonic Boost and Bright controls. 


        30 WATT 
        12" Ceramic Tone Tubby Speaker
        Tube Driven Reverb Circuit
         Long Style Reverb Tank
         Slave and External Speaker Out Jacks
         3-12AX7 Preamp Tubes
         1-5AR4 Rectifier Tube
         2-6L6  Power Tubes
         1-High Input Jack
         1-Low Input Jack
        Panel Controls: On/Off-Standby-Bright-Harmonic Booost-Volume-Treble-Bass-Reverb

This amp is an 30 watt 1x12 combo with a 12" Ceramic speaker. The electronics are all hand wired on Forbon eyelet board with stranded silver plated wire. The resistor are custom made using the same factory and process that Zenith audio used in 60's. All resistor values are 1 watt. The chassis is stainless steal and the cabinet is of traditional build using pine woods with finger jointed corners for long lasting strength. The cabinet features large rubber feet to absorb stage noise and vibration and the large leather handle makes it a breeze to carry. From recording to live performance this amp is a true blues mans tone machine. 


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