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Roland Jazz Chorus JC-90

For JAZZ and classic transparent CLEAN tone, the names Jazz Chorus and Polytone have been heard from every Jazz and studio player for decades.  The Jazz Chorus JC-120 with 2 - 12" speakers and dual 60 watt amps for stereo chorus and richs clean tone is always at the top of the list.

Several years ago I took a shot at trying to achieve that traditional clean jazz tone, but with a little less bulk.  I looked to the Jazz Chorus JC120's little brother the Roland Jazz Chorus JC-90.  This is simply a smaller 2 x 10" speaker version with 40 watts for each of the dual amps.  For me, it clearly delivers.  The size is managable and  the tone is dead on.  This is more than loud enough for any venue I'd ever consider even outdoors and it comes with great features such as line out and effects loop.  Most important, it has THE Jazz Chorus - Chorus that is what most guitarists recognize as the Chorus sound of choice.  I'm convinced from many trials and conversations that since discontinuing the Boss CE-1 Chorus Pedal, the original Stereo Chorus tone can not be found except from these amps.

From the Manufacturer: (

The JC-90 brings you the classic sound that made the JC-120 a legend! Some of the world's best guitar players have trusted the JC-90 to faithfully reproduce their distinctive playing style. And it's built to last, too! Find out why the JC-90 holds top-rank among guitar amps in its class - and beyond!

Roland JC-90 Jazz Chorus Amplifier at a Glance:
      Compact version of classic Jazz Chorus 120 amp
      True stereo choruses and great reverbs
      All the I/O and features you need for the gig

Compact version of classic Jazz Chorus amp
When the original JC-120 Jazz Chorus amp was introduced in 1975, its most obvious distinction was that it was the first amp with chorus effects built in. Here's legendary sound in the JC-90, a more compact version! With lush chorus effects, dual 40-watt amp design, 4-band EQ, and high-quality reverb, the JC-120 sound is just what you need. The secret behind the expansive Jazz Chorus effect lies in the innovative twin-amp, twin-speaker configuration in which both sides are completely independent. The two sounds blend in acoustic space, creating a dimensional chorus sound, impossible to duplicate electronically.

True stereo choruses and great reverbs
Equipped with two independently amplified 10-inch speakers, the JC-90 delivers the true stereo chorus sounds and rich reverb that have made Roland Jazz Chorus amplifiers the standard in "clean" amps for almost two decades. This powerful little combo amp outputs 80 watts total (40W + 40W)-perfect for practice, studio work and performance in small- to medium-sized venues-while its compact, 49-lb. design makes transportation easy. Onboard controls include master volume, high treble, treble, mid, bass, reverb and distortion. Control over the rich stereo chorus includes chorus rate, chorus depth and chorus mode (fixed/off/manual).

All the I/O and features you need for the gig
Designed for professional use, the JC-90 offers both high and low-level front-panel inputs, left and right line outputs, an effects loop send and stereo effects returns. The effects returns are perfect impedance for matching the JC-90 with popular Roland and BOSS guitar processors, allowing flexible tonal and effects control. The JC-90 is further enhanced by chorus, reverb and distortion footswitch jacks and a cabinet-voiced headphone output for late-night practice and recording applications. For the ultimate in portability, this great little amp also features durable construction, sturdy corner protectors and removable casters.

Roland JC-90 Jazz Chorus Amplifier Features:
      Portable "JC" amp ideal for gigs and studio
      40W + 40W (RMS)/ 2 x 10" speakers
      Distinctive "JC" stereo chorus with rate and depth controls
      4-band equalizer: Bass, Middle, Treble and High-treble
      Two input channels
      External effects loop (mono send; stereo return)
      Cabinet-voiced headphone output
      3 footswitch jacks for chorus, reverb and distortion

Manufacturer's Product Manual

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