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Tandberg 9000x Reel-to-Reel SOLD
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Tandberg 9000x Reel-to-Reel SOLD

As seen on ABC Primetime show LOST circa 1974 DARMA initiative!

Tandberg Tape Deck is designed to fulfil the most sophisticated requirements of the international high fidelity market. Behind this new tape deck stands Tandberg, maker of tape machines ranked in a class apart on world markets.

Operational reliability and quality have been assigned top priority in the 9000X. Modern technology and design have created at tape transport mechanism that meets professional demands for precision and stability. As an added advantage, the 9000X is designed to facilitate service.
Provided with a hysteresis synchronous motor that ensures stable tape handling during both recording and playback, the Tandberg 9000X also features two motors used exclusively for last forward/rewind. Moreover, a servobrake maintains proper tape tension under all conditions.

Fast, precise, pushbutton control over the different modes and functions has been a prime objective. Tape handling system is based on advanced logic circuitry. Fingertip controls ensure unsurpassed operating ease and reliability. Controls feature built-in indicator lamps that show currently activated functions. Combined with operational stability and design sophistication, Series 9000X provides all functions normally expected in a highly advanced Tandberg tape deck: AB-test, Sound-on-sound, echo and other special effects. Tandberg Crossfield technique ensures superb recording quality. Series 9000X is intended especially for use in a Tandberg music system together with, for example, a Tandberg receiver/ amplifier, a record player and Tandberg speakers.

Separate illuminated meter for each channel shows equalized peak recording or playback level. Input or output level regulated by linear motion potentiometers.

In mono line source with microphone, microphone with microphone or line source with line source.

Series 9000X is equipped with a photo-electric stop. At the end of the tape or when a transparent tape is used, a photo-transistor will trigger the logic system and bring the tape to a fast and precise stop.

Adjusted for low noise, highest output tape. Maximum reel diameter, 7. Provided with reel locks (permit use in vertical position). Supplied in half and quarter track versions. On request, Series Y000X can be equipped for 4-channel quadrophonic playback. Cabinet in walnut.
Dimensions: Length 15.7 (40 cm), height 7 (18 cm), depth 16.1 (41 cm). Weight: 34.5 lbs (15.5 kg).

Warranty Card, TWO(2) Original Instruction Manuals. A "Preliminary Instruction Manual" cut sheet, Original 4 Color Flyer (See Above) Original August 1973 Stereo Review Tandberg 900x Stereo Tape Deck Review (pp. 47-50)

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