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ToneBone LoopBone

The ToneBone LoopBone

Nothing bothers me more than NOISE. Well the really smart Canadians at Radial Engineering have figured out that if you build in with good quality parts and include the technology that will actually produce the desired results, then you can sell it, even if it ain't cheap.

The Tonebone line of products are pure Class "A" circuitry.  The results, unbelivably quiet, uncolored tone, shaped and modfied the way you expected.

From the Manufacturer: Radial Engineering

    > Master control for pedal boards
    > Two separate effects loops plus SlingShot™ remote
    > Exclusive Drag™ control pickup load correction
    > Built-in VariBoost™ variable gain power boost circuit
    > Class-A circuit for highest quality audio

The Loopbone is a compact, easy to use switcher that allows the guitar player to insert, remove and combine two effect pedal chains with footswitch ease. This is particularly advantageous when using older pedals that can add noise and load problems while in the signal chain. As well, the Loopbone incorporates Radial's superb VariBoost™ variable gain power booster for a clean signal increase or as post-effects boost for soloing.


To ensure the natural tone of your instrument is maintained, no signal degrading op-amps or chips are used – only 100% discreet components and our highly acclaimed Class-A circuit, which combine to achieve Radial's trademark transparency and exceptional dynamics. The Loopbone also features Radial's unique Drag™ control pickup load correction circuit that allows the restoration of a proper 'amplifier' impedance load which is lost when you plug a guitar into effect pedals or other buffered devices. In addition, the Loopbone brings even more to your pedalboard – a separate 'always-on' tuner out circuit that allows 'on-the-fly' tuning without adding noise or load and perhaps the most innovative feature of all, Slingshot™ remote switching. Slingshot allows switching of amp channels or other features, even other devices such as the Radial Headbone or Cabbone switchers, from the Loopbone.

Loopbone Manual

Loopbone Smart Sheet of Info.

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