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Westbury Model 250

Model 250

Have to say this one was new to me until my buddy Dave ran across one and said sell it for me.

Westbury amps were solid state and were available from late 1980 until around 1982 manufactured over sees for UNICORD (aka UNIVOX).  All these had black vinyl covers and white script plastic logos in the middle of the grilles. Appeared very similar to Roland amps.

This one is really working well and is in pretty good shape.  Hears the thing, the TONE is very, how can I say, DARK.  There are 3 channels and each has a unique voicing.  This is really all about the distortion tones.  Solid state and 65 Watts, it's not all that loud for the wattage, but has a really interesting tone.  Into Grunge or any type of Metal, it is perfect.

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