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1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard
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'93 Fender Strat Plus (USA) Natural (SOLD)

1993 Fender Strat Plus
USA made
Natural Finish

This is a very difficult thing to offer this guitar up for adoption.  After learning on a 1979 Fender Stratocaster sunburst 3 bolt neck, I mostly played acoustic guitars through college and it wasn't until 1993 when I was with Joe Macaluso (original "Joe") at Joe's Music in Wallingford CT and he had me try this new USA made Fender Strat Plus in Natural Finish.  The playing feel of the neck and the tone of this guitar was "it" for me and I purchased it.

Lace Sensor's were still proprietary to Fender and this Strat Plus with deluxe Strat Plus hard shell case had three colors BLUE in neck, GOLD middle and RED bridge.  It wasn;t long, however until I started experimenting with this, my only electric guitar at the time.  I tried a Gibson Classic '57 humbucker in the nexk with a tortoise shell pick guard for a while, then I traded out back to 3 single coils and put Dimarzio Virtual Vintage pickups in.  I pulled these out recently, sold them to my friend Ken and put the original Lace Sensors BACK in - it is awesome.  Way back there was a guy named Mike Christian who came up with the first piezo bridge saddles for strats.  He used Graphic Saddles with indivdual wires that led to a preamp and stereo or separate jack.  To accommodate this I had my tremendous luthier Mike Mascagna put a separate jack out the rim of the guitar.  Since then, I pulled the jack and left the jack plate on the whole.  The graphite saddles are still there, but I clipped the wires so the piezo bridge is no longer functional.  I added a couple string trees to the headstock to break the string angle a bit.  The locking sperzels are awesome.  The neck is an amazingly rich rosewood, unlike any I see these days.

This has been played, but amazingly shows little wear, just some minor surface scrapes, but no gouges or major dings to speak of.  It is time to part as I now have 2 other Strats which must stay.  They are purple metallic and Burgundy Mist and I just can't justify a third in the collection at this point of my life.

Note side jack whole (Just plate installed currently)

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