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Welcome to Guitar Players Anonymous where you are welcome to while away time in a place that's all things Guitar and other Professional music performance gear.  We all have a problem and the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Well here at GuitarPlayersAnonymous you are amongst friends who share your problem:  The uncontrollable addiction to all things Guitar!   Whether collecting, playing, or just interested in knowing stuff about Guitars or other pro music gear, we are endeavouring to put present a website to share our knowledge, collection and available pre-owned gear and help you learn to live with your problem.

Hello, my name is Wayne and I am a Guitar Player... 

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First timers guide to Winter NAMM

Visit to NAMM 2015
This original virtually unplayed first issue Santana Signature PRS is a must see.

Available For Sale...
Incredible condition for an over 40 year old. The quintessential Fender Tube Amp

Pure tube tone
Chicago Blues Box HP
Classica, Italian and Spanish for "Classical" - say, as in a Classical Guitar from where the American guitar craft evolved.  Traditionally a coffeehouse, I think we all can agree that a "Cafe" has become associated with its social functions.
Cafes provide a place where people go to congregate, talk, write, read, play games, or while away time individually or in small groups.   Are we really excited over paying $4.00 for a cup of coffee and Starbucks, or are we looking to enjoy the experience?  

So sit back, relax and click away in the ClassicaCafe! Stop back often to see what new stuff is inside and please feel free to participate.  We welcome you to contact us with any questions you might have or areas of interest you'd like us to explore.

Classic Drummer Jokes

Nothing better than a classic drummer joke to break the ice with some new musician buddy's.  Some of these came to light in my recent visit with Paul Reed Smith in New Haven.

Happy Birthday Celebration  
In March of 2007, had the unique pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul Blancato of Portland CT.  "Paulie B", now 72 years old has been a performing musician since the age of 15 in and around Connecticut.  In 1957, Paulie B entered a West Hartford CT music store to buy what would be his only guitar for the balance of his career.  This Guitar happened to be a Fender Stratocaster born from the Fender factory in September 1957 (circa).

What else is in MY Closet?

I don't consider myself a collector nor am I truly a "player".  I am an adequate performer who loves to entertain with music.  I have bought and sold many guitars over my 33 years of playing guitar.  The guitars that currently sit in my studio rack all have a specific purpose. One might be associated with a memory of my youth,  another is just the right combination of physical characteristics (color, wood grain, appointments, etc.), but most are on the rack as an attempt to achieve the ultimate tone in a tonal category.   Gibson, Collings, Martin, Hamer, Fender USA, Paul Reed Smith, Vintage Ibanez, Ovation, Steinberger and on & on.

Caveat Emptor

"Let the Buyer Beware"
I received an unfortunate email today from a fellow who seems to have some parts from a Bass we once sold. Take a look at the real life example of how diligent you need to be in Internet transactions.

Charles H. Kaman
Inventor of the OVATION Guitar
(June 15, 1919 January 31, 2011)

February 2011 - One of the last industrial pioneers passed away this month.  Charles Kaman, aeronautical engineer, businessman, inventor and philanthropist dies January 31, 2011 at the age of 91.  The inventor of the Ovation round back guitar in the mid 1960's was a helicopter pioneer and great businessman, building in the musical equipment industry would become one of the top five companies in both instrument production and product distribution.  Headquartered in Bloomfield CT until the sale to Fender Music Corporation in late 2007.

The GREAT Players of our time:

All guitarists have their favorite artists from their favorate Music style.  Les Paul, Eric Clapton, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd, Kenny Burrell, Hank Garland, Grant Green, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Keith Richards,  Peter Green, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Paul Simon, David Grissom, Joao Gilberto, Duke Robillard, Carlos Santana, Scotty Moore, Joe Pass, Chet Atkins, Robben Ford, BB King, Albert King, Albert Lee, Lyle Lovett, the list goes on & on.  I'll be exploring many of these players and more, their instruments and their music.  | Best Maps & Driving Directions  | Reverse Phone Number Look Up  | Find a Lawyer  | USPS Zip+4 Lookup  | Search for AI appraiser  | Computer & Electronics Reviews
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